Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ain't technology grand.....

I've decided to put another add-on on my Glock 30 that hopefully, if God forbid I ever have to use my gun to defend my life or the life of another, will help me put my bullet when I want it to go.

What is the best thing that help your aim?

I'll give you a hint it's small, red, and round.

Yup, I'm getting a laser.

But not just any lasersite, I'm getting a LASERMAX. Which is why I say technology is grand.

See in the past when you wanted to put a laser on your gun it was a huge bulky contraption and you'd most likely have to buy a special holster to accommodate the laser.

Some examples.

Now what does the LASERMAX look like?

Well, here's the whole package.

That's it and it installs like so.

Is that cool or what!?!

But trust me you pay for it being that cool........

There's a great review w/ install instructions HERE