Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I heard this on his show the other day as a bumper between segments, glad he posted it online.


August 3rd 2005

News stories about the London bombing suspects suggest they became radicalized because of the "oppression of Muslims around the world." While it's true that hundreds of millions of Muslims live in miserable circumstances, who's actually responsible for that oppression?

Fifty nations boast Muslim majorities, and not one of them boasts economic prosperity and a functioning democracy. When Communism produced horrific results everywhere it was tried, the world learned that the system itself was wrong-headed and dysfunctional; we can now reach the same conclusion about Islamism, based on its wretched failures everywhere over 500 years.

In 1955, South Korea and Egypt showed identical per capita incomes; today, Korea beats Egypt by 5 to 1, despite the fact that the US made Egypt its second leading aid recipient for three decades. The true oppressor of Muslims is Islam itself, with teachings that destroy any chance of progress, peace or freedom.

Michael Medved