Thursday, August 25, 2005

Norm Mineta. What a dumbass.........

U.S. Sets Fuel-Economy Limits, Categories for Trucks

Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) -- The Bush administration ordered automakers to boost the gas mileage of minivans, pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles, the first overhaul of fuel-economy rules for vehicles purchased by most people in the U.S.

The requirements would increase fuel economy by about 8 percent over four years. The current rule that 2006 light trucks get 21.6 miles per gallon will be replaced with six size-based standards, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said. The new standards will range from 21.3 mpg for the largest 2011 models to 28.4 for the smallest light trucks, said Rae Tyson, a spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The change will more evenly distribute fuel-economy costs to all automakers, rather than U.S. companies such as Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp., Mineta said. Automakers said the standard will be challenging while environmental groups called it timid. The Sierra Club said the Bush administration ``has sided with its cronies in the auto industry.''

The rules replace 1970s regulations enacted when light trucks accounted for 20 percent of U.S. vehicle sales. Those vehicles, then mainly pickup trucks, were allowed to get poorer fuel economy than passenger cars because they were used primarily by farmers and business owners for work. Today these trucks account for about 56 percent of U.S. sales as families have gravitated to minivans, pickups with two rows of seats and a wider range of SUVS, many of them like cars.

``This is a plan that will save gas and result in less pain at the pump for motorists,'' Mineta said at a news conference today in Atlanta. The average U.S. pump price for regular-grade gasoline rose 6.2 cents in the past week to $2.612 a gallon, a record for the third consecutive week, a government report showed yesterday.


When in the hell are people going to get the fact that it doesn't matter that your car gets great of gas mileage IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY GAS TO PUT IN IT?!?!?!

Making cars get better gas mileage is OK but we really need to be drilling and building new refineries.

I still haven't figured out why Pres. Bush hasn't replaced this man.