Thursday, July 28, 2005

Terror Friendly Organizations Issue Fatuous Fatwa Against Terror


July 28, 2005 – San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews - In a preemptive media broadside designed to deflect the monsoon of public criticism that will soon engulf the organization on August 1, when Ghassan Elashi – Texas board member of CAIR – is sentenced in Dallas on 21 Federal terrorism counts, the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] today joined with the Fiqh Council of North America in issuing a sham ruling that in essence can be reduced to the non-controversial statement that "terrorism is not a good thing."

The brazen nature of such terror friendly groups issuing a fatwa on terrorism, is further underlined by the fact that the former chairman of Fiqh Council of North America, Taher Jaber Al Alwani is according to numerous media reports the number 5 unindicted co-conspirator in the current Sami Al Arian terror trial [taking place in Florida] and whose organizations have been raided by Federal authorities as part of the ongoing investigation into the domestic funding of terrorism.


In some way I feel that PipeLineNews had a hand in planting the fatwa seed in CAIR's spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper's head which today flowered in Washington DC's Press Club so grotesquely.

On the morning of Friday July 22, 2005 at 7:45AM PST we had a long conversation with Mr. Hooper.

We discussed a number of issues which will be covered in a later piece, the following transcript is relevant and verbatim, as we promised Hooper it would be.

PipeLineNews - What would your response be to call for a fatwa against Osama bin Laden or Mr. Zarqawi?"

Hooper: "I have no problem with that."

PLN: "Are you calling for one right now?"

Hooper: "The whole concept of the fatwa has been misinterpreted by many people, in the public perception it has come to mean a death sentence but that is not what it is at all...It could be more in this country compared to an attorney general's have a specific legal question anything from can you have this land zoned to matters of state all it says is it's a legal opinion by recognized Muslim scholars...The British Muslim community has issued a fatwa condemning terrorism, condemning extremism..."

PLN: "There are fatwas that do call for the death of people such as the one that was issued against Salmon Rushdie. The question is, since that is a part of Islam, since those types of fatwas, those types of religious pronouncements can be issued, would you call for that type of a fatwa?

Calling for the death of Osama bin Laden?"

Hooper: "You are arguing from a false premise, that fatwas are a death sentence and that is not the case, in fact the world was outraged that there was a death sentence that was against Salmon Rushdie...they should have you called for a similar one...that's a bit of a contradiction."

PLN: "So you're calling for Osama Bin Laden's death?"

Hooper: "Give me a break."

PLN: "So you are not willing to call for a fatwa calling for the death of Osama bin Laden?...The question goes to the core of what CAIR stands for."

Hooper: "The penalty for murder in Islam is death..if someone is convicted of murder the death penalty could be applied, no problem with that."

PLN: "You're unwilling to answer the question Mr. Hooper, are you willing to call for the death of Osama bin Laden?"

Hooper: Click...end of conversation.

What can be gathered from this?

Hooper had an opportunity to simply state that terrorism was so egregious, so antithetical to Islam that it was appropriate to support a fatwa calling for the death of Osamma bin-Laden, that Muslims should turn him and people like Zarqawi over to authorities, but he refused, on numerous occasions.

He refused because his organization and those associated with it in today's cruel game are merely engaging in an elaborate public relations lie.

The ugly reality is that Islamists have a different conception of truth than other people do.

Radical Muslims look at the world in a unique way.

To them if the cause is justified in their twisted thinking, then any avenue to attain that goal is just.

What else would motivate two organizations - CAIR and the Fiqh Council of North America - with the types of associations just hinted at above, engage in such obvious subterfuge?

At some point today's stunt must be seen for what it is - a charade, a freak-town side show in which the geek bites off the head of the chicken while the barker standing by denies that it happened.

That is what you saw at the National Press Club today, there is no less harsh, nor more accurate way to talk about it.