Wednesday, July 27, 2005

News from Cuba

The Real Cuba

The rumors have been confirmed!

We reported two days ago that there were rumors that for the first time in 46 years there was
not going to be an outside mass rally to celebrate the 26 of July, the date in 1953 when Castro
and a group of his followers attacked the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba.

And now the rumors have been officially confirmed. It seems that Castro is afraid to hold a mass rally under the present conditions in the island, where there have been many protests taking place during the last few days. He feels more secure inside a theatre, where no one can get in without an official invitation. Click here for all the details: Latest news

Castro style 'democracy: Mobs, protected by police and soldiers, attack with sticks and iron
bars any peaceful demonstrator who dares to exercise his right to protest.

Castro warns against `acts of treason' - Heat, misery and popular discontent a dangerous brew

Miami Herald | July 27, 2005 | RENATO PEREZ AND NANCY SAN MARTIN

In the darkest, bluntest warning to Cuban dissidents yet, Fidel Castro said Tuesday that ''acts of treason'' would not be tolerated and warned that attempts to destabilize would be confronted by the population ``whenever traitors and mercenaries go one millimeter beyond what the revolutionary people . . . are willing to permit.''

Castro's strong words on the 52nd anniversary of the start of his revolution came on the heels of a new roundup of more than 50 dissidents who tried to participate in two separate protests this month.

Most of the would-be protesters were released after clashes with government supporters, but as many as 16 remain behind bars, including six charged with ``public disorder.''