Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Why wasn't Justice Ginsburg "out of the mainstream"?

Tim Chapman over at from the bleachers has a good compilation of some of the opinions Justice Ginsburg had BEFORE she was voted in in 1993 (96-3). And I don't even see a cloture vote for her. I'm guessing they waved the cloture vote by UC.

Here's his list...........Sounds "mainstream" to me, if you're a mainstream wackjob!!


Ginsburg had argued that statutory rape laws were sexist and outdated, and the age of consent for sexual activity should be lowered to age 12.

Ginsburg had advocated making all prisons and reformatories sex-integrated.

Ginsburg had argued that traditional marriage laws that prohibit polygamy were probably unconstitutional, because they “encroach impermissibly upon private relationships.” According to Ginsburg, the American people had no right to define marriage; if three, or four, or ten people wanted to get ‘married,’ the state had to let them do so and had to officially recognize their ‘marriage.’

Ginsburg had argued that there is a constitutional right to prostitution.

Ginsburg had argued that the Constitution requires that the federal government must use taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions.

Ginsburg had criticized the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts as sexist institutions that “perpetuate stereotyped sex roles.”

Ginsburg had recommended forcing Big Brothers of America to change its name and purpose in order to prevent “sex-role stereotypes.”

Ginsburg had taken such a strident view of gender equality that she had actually argued that it would be discrimination if the government gave aid to mothers after the first few weeks of lactation.