Monday, June 06, 2005

Mugabe's bulldozers push people back to land

By David Blair in Johannesburg

President Robert Mugabe's onslaught against Zimbabwe's cities has escalated to claim new targets, with white-owned factories and family homes being demolished in a campaign that has left 200,000 people homeless.

Across the country, Mr Mugabe is destroying large areas of heaving townships and prosperous industrial areas alike.

Virtually all the areas demolished voted for the opposition MDC Party in the last elections

The aim of this brutal campaign is, says the official media, to depopulate urban areas and force people back to the "rural home".

Chris Viljoen and his wife, Elsie, were still inside their five-bedroom house when a bulldozer began reducing it to rubble. The white couple live in the industrial zone of the capital, Harare.

Next door was a 70-acre site filled with 24 factories and workshops. Bulldozers spent last week razing this area, destroying all but nine businesses that employed about 1,000 people in a country suffering mass unemployment and economic crisis.



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