Friday, June 24, 2005


President Welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister Jaafari to the White House

Q: Mr. Prime Minister, if I may, does the decline in American support for the mission in Iraq have any impact on your government and the people of your country?

PRIME MINISTER JAAFARI: Thank you very much. As for the question on the reduction of support, Iraq's -- the Iraqi people had a specific request which is toppling down Saddam Hussein for reasons relating to their dignity and their policy -- their politics. And after Saddam Hussein was removed, through the different efforts of international efforts and Iraqis, this was achieved. Right now we have another danger, which is terrorism, which is against not only the Iraqi people but all the world of the country -- of the world, and at any time, doesn't have any particular land, but it works everywhere. Geography of terrorism is the human beings, themselves. And those people who are doing it are the enemies of humanity.

Once they do it in Washington, once in Spain, once in Iraq, so fighting the terrorism, and limiting their impact and in order to keep the human dignity and civilization requires that we all act together. It's not only the duty of Iraqi people but other countries, as well. As you know, Iraq is rich in oil, in water, in cultivation, as strategy and (inaudible), and also -- but because of the exception of circumstances of Iraq, now it has become a poor country, so we have to have the impact and the support from other countries.

The success of our Iraqi people is your own success. The people of Iraq is civilized. I look forward to support from all other countries of the world. You have given us something more than money -- you have given us a lot of your sons, your children that were killed beside our own children in Iraq. Of course this is more precious than any other kind of support we receive. You have to be proud before your own people that you presented us for the maintenance of democracy in Iraq and to remove the dictatorship. We do not forget those who stood beside us at hard times, and they are decided to go forward. And there is a lot of difference between one month and another, between one week and another. Iraqi people are insistent on going along the path for their economy and their security, but we do need the help of other countries who will help us, to stand beside us.

Thank you.

But of course this won't be played in the news tonight. Instead we'll see re-runs of Fat Teddy calling for Rummy to resign......