Friday, June 24, 2005

30 days of TROP propaganda

I am shocked, shocked!!

You're telling me the same guy that showed Ted Kennedy wanting to raise the minimum wage (during the 1st "30 days" episode) has an agenda!!

Michelle Malkin
has linked to a good article by Debbie Schlussel who was asked to appear on the upcoming "30 days" episode dealing with muslims.

Schlussel has a few eye opening things to say about the show.

No, the producers told me. "Morgan wants the show to demonstrate to America that we are Islamophobic and that 9/11's biggest victims are Muslims."

Sorry, I think the biggest victims were the ones MURDERED on 9-11!!

I've seen commercials for this episode. I figured we would be shown as the bad guy and the muslims would be the victims


There's more here over on Debbie's Blog.

Stacy's Muslim family was selected with the help of Haaris Ahmad, an activist in CAIR..

Another shocker......