Friday, May 06, 2005

When is a coincidence not a coincidence?

Yesterday I mentioned the arrest of the painter on the terror watch list that was working on the GWB.

Well after that I read that al-Qaeda's #3 guy al-Libbi had contacts in NYC.

"Information gleaned from satellite phone and "a high frequency wireless" seized during this week's raids indicate that al-Libbi and his underlings were in contact with operatives in New York"

So I thought hummmm I wonder if that was more than a "routine traffic stop" that lead to the painter arrest.

Then today I find out there's been yet another arrest of "A New York ringleader of a Pakistani-based terrorist group — who was seen taking pictures last year of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges "

There is no way that these arrests just happen to have happened within a week of each other and have no connection to each other.