Friday, May 20, 2005

This is just SICK SICK SICK...........

Homosexual Group Admits Obscene Material Was Handed Out at Conference

'Outed,' GLSEN Boston Confesses Sexually Explicit Literature Was Made Available to Kids at Its Event

Caution: This story contains terms that some may find offensive.

By Jim Brown and Jenni Parker
May 19, 2005

(AgapePress) - A Boston health clinic has admitted to distributing pornographic books to middle school students and others at a Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conference hosted by a Massachusetts high school. Initially GLSEN Boston categorically denied its recent 15th Annual Conference event at Brookline High School featured sexually explicit materials.

However, the Fenway Community Center health clinic has admitted to passing out copies of "The Little Black Book -- Queer in the 21st century," a graphic how-to manual on homosexual sex. The superintendent of Brookline Schools has also acknowledged that the sexually explicit materials were made available at the conference when they should not have been, and he has apologized for that fact.

Prior to the health clinic and the school system confirming the truth, GLSEN Boston's office had maintained that the allegations of pornographic books at its conference were "categorically untrue," and were nothing more than lies "from the far right." As late as yesterday, the chapter's website had a notice posted on its "news & announcements" page, stating that the group "wants to assure everyone that there were no sexually explicit materials at the conference."

According to the web notice, the pro-homosexual organization prohibits "sexually explicit materials of any kind" at its conferences, and to permit them at one of its events "would be in violation of clearly stated policy." GLSEN Boston executive director Sean Haley was even quoted on the website as saying that the group assigns monitors to every workshop and event to assure that all policies are strictly enforced.

"No such materials, from AAC or anyone else, were ever present at the GLSEN conference in Brookline," Haley claimed, adding, "These allegations are simply lies." Wednesday night (May 18), however, GLSEN admitted to American Family Radio News that the inappropriate materials were indeed present at the April 30 event -- but would never be made available at one of its conferences again.



This is just sick, and anyone that believes there's no Homosexual agenda in this country is naive to the Nth degree.

Article 8 Alliance has posted the booklet.

(Caution: extremely gross and disgusting.)

Click here to see the booklet given to kids
(Caution: extremely gross and disgusting.)

Photos from the event -- Brookline High School, April 30.

Deadly health misinformation in the booklet - Statement by medical expert on sexually transmitted diseases.

Here's where the funding came from!