Monday, May 23, 2005

Sen. Lautenberg uses MOVEON's talking points in the Senate.

Last Thurs. (5-19) the "Greased skids"* Senator from New Jersey got his talking points straight from

I guess he has to, MoveOn "bought" the democratic party after all.

MoveOn's ad.

Save the Republic!

This week, Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith opens in theaters nation-wide. And weirdly enough, the plot of what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest films in movie history revolves around a scheming senator who, seduced by visions of absolute power, transforms a democratic republic into an empire.

The movie’s opening buzz and its parallel theme to our current judicial fight present a great opportunity to educate the public — and have some fun. So we’ve put together a flyer that draws on themes from the Revenge of the Sith story to explain the very real threat to democracy posed by the nuclear option.

Senator Lautenberg ~ EXECUTIVE SESSION -- (Senate - May 19, 2005) [Page: S5492]

Speaking of popular culture, the biggest film of the year is opening this week, ``Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.'' This is one of the characters in that film. He is portrayed here on this chart. He is the leader of the Senate in a far-off universe. In this film, this leader of the Senate breaks rules to give himself and his supporters more power, and after this move from the Senate leader, another Senator states:

This is how liberty dies.

One film critic described this film as a story of ``how a republic dismantles its own Democratic principles.''

As millions of Americans go to see this film this week and in the weeks ahead, I sincerely hope it does not mirror actions being contemplated in the Senate. I say to my colleagues, do not let liberty die. I urge my colleagues, on behalf of the American people--and I ask the American people to express themselves on this--do you want to give up your rights, do you want to give up your rights to protect your children against a foul environment? Do you want to give up your rights to be able to work in a safe environment? Do you want to give up your rights to decide on questions such as war and peace? I urge do not let it happen. I urge my colleagues to oppose any attempt to break the Senate rules and destroy over 200 years of American tradition. We must save the United States and the interests of our country as a whole.

* Greased Skids refers to what a NJ Judge said when the democratic party of NJ was trying to get Lautenberg on the ballot after Torricelli was booted off.

A Judge asked Lautenberg's lawyer "So you basically want us to Grease the skids in order to put him on the ballot?"