Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pictures I promised...

In response to the Captain's Quarters post from last night I'd like to follow up and post the pics I was talking about.

Why were we sanitized from the true images from 9-11?

As the poster from CQ writes - " there is absolutely no legitimate reason to run a story like this. Newsweek ran the story knowing that it would excite the passions of the world's muslim population."

Contrast this with the media's refusal to show pictures of our fellow citizens jumping out the the world trade center. We were told that such pictures would unnecessarily anger the American people and lead to violence against Muslim Americans. "

He's absolutely right. I remember the quickness that video of the planes crashing into the Towers was removed from the news casts. And even if they did use the video it was just a snippet and they'd cut it just before the impact. It wasn't until the 1 year anniversary that they were played in full again.

And the number of jumpers was scarcely show. Did you know the first casualty in the FDNY was from a jumper landing on a firefighter? That came out during the 9-11 hearings.

To his point that the media didn't show the true horror of 9-11 because they didn't want to "unnecessarily anger the American people and lead to violence against Muslim Americans."

Why? Were they afraid there would be more people in favor of waging a needed war?

Did they think that if the American public saw the carnage of their fellow Americans it would open their eyes wider to what terrorism is and how Jihadists see no line between innocent civilians and military targets?

I honestly don't think the American public would have gone out in a mad lynching mob trying to find all muslims and kill them. We're better than that. I do think that their view on what tracks we needed to take would have been different.

I think people would be more cautious of how fast Islam is growing in the US, especially in our jails.

And that it is not a religion of peace, but a cult of death.

I think the discussion about closing the border would be even more veracious than it is today and there would be more people behind it's closure and would have started sooner.

I think more people would come to realize why we're waging this war on terror in other lands and not waiting till it comes to our shores. Note the picture I posted of the Iranians volunteers to carry out suicide bombings against Americans in Iraq and Israel. Don't people see that if they were here within our borders they would have no problem exploding themselves in our malls, movie theaters, and clubs?

I truly fear the day that happens.....

So I ask, have you ever seen these pictures before?

Do you think these should have been shown, with a warning, on major news stations to show the aftermath of 9-11?

If you're squeamish I advise you NOT to click the links, they are extremely graphic.

Once again these are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC click at your own risk!


Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6