Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gun crime protester who chopped off finger selling guillotine on Ebay


Joel Gonzalez is bringing cutting edge equipment to the Internet. Literally.

Gonzalez, who cut off the tip of his finger outside the state Capitol in 1994 to protest efforts by the gun lobby to scuttle tougher firearms laws, is selling the homemade guillotine and hammer used in the severance on eBay. The bidding begins at $50,000.

"When I did it, people said I was crazy," said Gonzalez, a former Bridgeport city councilman. "I wonder what they are saying now."

Gonzalez told the Connecticut Post that he wants to sell the items to raise money needed to continue his activism in causes including bringing prayer back into schools, finding more money for education, abolishing the death penalty and, of course, strengthening gun control laws.

If he gets a $50,000 bid or more, he promised to give half to the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport

I'm not really sure what to make of this guy, other than he believes in his convictions and will prove it to you. And he's an attention freak "Look at me, look at me!!"

But if someone wants to pay him the $10,000 (I know the news report says $50K but it says $10K on Ebay) more power to him/her..........Ain't Capitalism grand.

His idea is rather intriguing about cutting off the finger of "anyone who use a firearm to commit a premeditated crime."

After all I'm for the live TV execution of sex offenders (rapists..child molesters...) after their first offense.

It's nice to know he draws the line and says "premeditated crime" and doesn't just think all people that use guns should have their trigger finger lopped off.

Here's the Ebay page.......[With pictures]
Two other quick thoughts.

I wonder if he goes around wearing this shirt..........


What would he do if he started to protest THIS?