Friday, May 13, 2005

Dems "deal" on Judges shows their true intentions

Hugh Hewitt & Jon Kyl

HH: Now, Senator, I've asked everyone, Mitch McConnell, Rick Santorum, you, I'm going to ask you again. Have you got the votes when, if it has to go to a vote?

JK: Yes we do. And I remember you were talking to me about this when folks were getting really frustrated and we kind of backed it up and said first of all, we have to get the people through the committee, to the floor. We have now done that, except for one person, as you noted. And so now, it's ready. It's teed up. We've got the votes, and the only thing that really we've been waiting for is to just see if there's any hope for compromise here. It appears to me that the Democrats actually want the confrontation. Bill Frist has put out the most reasonable proposals you can imagine. They've been rejected. And if you have just a moment, I'd like to tell you what one of them is.

HH: Sure.

JK: Central to the Democrats' offers, every one of them, every single one of them, is that of the ten judges that have been filibustered, six of them have to be thrown overboard. And by that I mean not even have a vote and defeat it. They have to be withdrawn at Republicans' insistance. And it's not just that six of the ten have to be withdrawn, but three out of four specifically named judges. Three out of these four. You pick the three that you want to throw overboard. Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen, Myers and Pryor. Bill Pryor, that just came out today. Bill Myers and Bill Pryor. Now you decide which one of those you're going to take, and then the other three have to be thrown over. That's the Democrats' principled argument. We're filibustering these judges because they're no good. And yet they say spin the bottle, pick one of the four, you can have him, you can't have the others. That is unprincipled. It's wrong, and it's not going to be part of any offer that I certainly have anything to do with accepting. And I just don't think our side will accept it.

HH: And Senator Kyl, it's kind of stupid, too, because it undercuts their extremism argument completely. If these judges aren't acceptable, you can't take one, two, three or four.

JK: That's right. I mean, first of all, none of these judges are extreme.

HH: Agreed.

JK: But to the extent that they've made that argument, you're exactly right. They're saying well, we'll take one extremist, but not four. So you're right. I mean, they have not based their offers here on principle at all. It's the crass, partisan politics that we've known all along lay at the base of this filibuster.


This is the "plan" from the dems?

This isn't a plan, it's recognition that the dems are just using the "these judges are extreme" rhetoric is a farce. (You're shocked, I know.)

If you say these all these judges are extreme how then can you let the Republicans pick which one would be allowed a vote?