Monday, May 23, 2005

ATTENTION!! [Filibuster Vernacular]

It is no longer the "NUCLEAR OPTION".


So says Senator Byrd........


Sen. BYRD, EXECUTIVE SESSION -- (Senate - May 23, 2005):

"The so-called nuclear option has been around for a long time. It didn't require a genius to figure that one out. Any cabbagehead who fell off of a turnip truck could have done that. That is easy to figure out. It has been around since the cloture rule was adopted in 1917--yes. I call it the turnip truck option, not the nuclear option, not the constitutional option. I call it the turnip truck option. It could have been talked about and suggested by someone who fell off a turnip truck and got up and dusted himself off and got back on the truck and fell off the turnip truck again--so turnip truck No. 2. Let it be that.

The nuclear option, as I say, has been around for a long time, but previous leaders of the Senate and previous Presidents, previous White Houses, did not seek to foist this turnip truck option upon the Senate and upon the right of the American people to have freedom of speech on the part of their representatives in the Senate."