Monday, May 09, 2005

Are we not supposed to see these pictures in the US? (5-7 bombing in Iraq)

World Pictures News is a site I like going to for it's unique pictures. Today while I was looking at the pics of the aftermath of the suicide car bombing in Tahrir square in Baghdad I noticed this in the caption; "NO USA MAGAZINE AND NEWSPAPER SALES"


Are we to be shielded from these pictures?

Does the photographer not want these pics to be shown in the US to show the barbaric tactics being waged by the terrorist over there? (i.e.....The targeting of children)

Here's the pics we're not supposed to see......

NO USA MAGAZINE AND NEWSPAPER SALES An injured Iraqi schoolgirl is evacuated from the Aqida girls' school near the scene of a suicide car bombing in Tahrir square in Baghdad Saturday May 7, 2005. The bombing, which targeted a passing civilian contractor convoy just outside the school killed at least 22 persons in the late morning explosion in the busy commercial area in the center of Baghdad. NO USA MAGAZINE AND NEWSPAPER SALES


Update: Guess I jumped the gun on this.........these pics will be running in the May 16th issue of Newsweek.

I’m the Director of Sales at WorldPictureNews (WpN) and we represent Scott Nelson the photographer who took the images in question. The reason the images are marked NO USA MAGAZINE OR NEWSPAPER SALES is that I licensed them exclusively to Newsweek. You can have your colleagues look at the May 16, 2005 issue of Newsweek and turn to pages 28-29. Newsweek ran the image more than a full page in size.

When a photo agency makes an exclusive deal with a magazine for photos the NO USA MAGAZINE OR NEWSPAPER SALES restriction is an industry standard restriction to protect the exclusivity of the image license.

We as a photo agency are very much opposed to censorship and as journalists do everything we can to avoid allowing our images to fall into the censorship void.

N. Warren Winter
Director of Sales
62 White Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY. 10013