Friday, April 08, 2005

Using children to slam Pres. Bush, what a novel idea Senator Nelson!!!

This all has to do w/ a EPA program, that was signed into law by Pres.Clinton, and will test THE EXPOSURE of pesticides on children from newborn to 1yr. of age. The study will NOT be, as being reported by Senator Nelson, "exposing them to pesticides"

If you take two minutes to go check the EPA's site you'd find that:

" Participants are not required to use pesticides or to change any of their regular household routines or how they normally use bug sprays (pesticides)

[The EPA] will not ask any parent to apply pesticides in their home to be a part of this study.

You are not required to change any of your regular household routines.

But hey, let's not let FACTS get in the way of scaring the voters in FL into thinking that the Gov't is going to spray your house down with pesticides and then measure the effect!

I'm sure Boxer is just exercising her lungs on this because she sees it's an opportunity to hold up yet another one of Pres. Bush's nominees.