Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Something you should know about Bolton's "accuser".

New Bolton Accuser Is a Liberal From 'Mothers Opposing Bush'

WASHINGTON - The latest accusations of abuse aimed at the president's nominee to be America's ambassador to the United Nations come from a self-described "liberal Democrat" who in 2004 helped organize the Dallas chapter of "Mothers Opposing Bush."

The woman, Melody Townsel, alleged that John Bolton chased her through the halls of a Moscow hotel throwing objects and screaming threats at her in August 1994, according to a letter circulated Saturday by the spokesman for the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Biden of Delaware.


In an interview yesterday, Ms. Townsel said she sent a letter on April 8 to all 18 members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee through the panel's Web site, detailing an incident more than 10 years earlier when she was working as a subcontractor for USAID through a contract in Kyrgyzstan. At the time, Mr. Bolton was a lawyer representing Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly, the firm that hired Ms. Townsel's company to publicize privatization projects in the Central Asian country. Ms. Townsel complained about Black, Manafort to USAID, and Mr. Bolton was hired to represent them.

[She also made it onto AIR can hear her claim here . ~ OX]

According to Ms. Townsel, Mr. Bolton went to great lengths to harass her. "For nearly two weeks, while I awaited fresh direction from my company and from USAID, John Bolton hounded me in such an appalling way that I eventually retreated to my hotel room and stayed there. Mr. Bolton, of course, then routinely visited me there to pound on the door and shout threats," the letter said.


She also said there were no other eyewitnesses to what in the letter she said was a pattern of abusive behavior, [How convenient......~OX] but that others working on the project were familiar with her account.

"There were people aware of the harassment, but they are not willing to come forward because they have existing business with the government," she said.

Ms. Townsel's allegations appeared over the weekend in the Los Angeles Times, the Houston Chronicle, and numerous Democratic-leaning Web sites, such as Daily Kos and The American Prospect's web log, Tapped.