Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Leave it JOHN KERRY to disclose the name of an undercover agent!!

If anyone was watching the John Bolton hearing today you'd know that they refered to a "Mr. Smith" quite a few times. Well, Kerry F'd up and read his real name!

KERRY: "30sec. Mr. Chairman. This is reading from Mr. Flightses(sp) interview where he says did Otto Reich(sp) share his belief that F***** A******** should be removed from this position, the answer is yes. Did John Bolton share that view? Mr. Flights said "Yes"

When Bolton comes back he says Mr. SMITH right away.

Update: Well I'll be dipped looks like this story made it into the print world. The AP picked it up.

Now it looks like Luger mentioned his name too but it wasn't as obvious as when Kerry did it.

Senators May Have Named CIA Operative