Thursday, March 24, 2005

Terri Shiavo

There is just something so wrong with what is being done to Terri Shiavo.

This really pisses me off.

How is it that we've come to a point where a "husband" can use the state to legally murder his wife?

And don't give me that "they're allowing her to die" line of crap. That is complete and utter BULLSHIT!!

If a persons withholds sustenance for another until that person is dead you didn't "allow that person to die", YOU FUCKING STARVED THEM TO DEATH!!

And as recently as Dec. of last year we charge people that do that with murder.

Now I've come to the realization that she's going to die. I think she gone past the point of no return now and even if she did come back she'd have irrevocable damaged. But this is NOT what should have transpired.

How is there not questions to what is going on?

You've got the "husband" (heretofore known as MS) that now has a fiancee of 10yrs and has sired two children with said fiancee.

And why the rules MS has handed down to the hospice?

He won't allow them to brush her teeth, has ordered the curtains be kept closed, and refused for the last 5-7 YEARS to let the Terri's parents take her outside! I wonder what extensively being in a cave for 5 yrs. does to ones psyche.

And MS must be getting use to pulling the plug on people, he did it to both his parents too.....

SCHIAVO: Removing somebody's feeding is very painless. It is a very easy way to die. Probably the second better way to die, being the first being an aneurysm.

And it doesn't bother me at all. I've seen it happen. I had to do it with my own parents.

And then you've got MS's lawyer FELOS, who was from February 13, 1997 until at least April 26, 2001, George J. Felos was listed as a member or recent member of the Board of Directors for "The Hospice of The Florida Suncoast" on the non-profit's annual reports.

Yes that would be the same Hospice where Terri is going to die.....

Nope, no conflict of interest there!!

Also you've got the law change in FL in 1999 that added "Amendments to Section 765.101 = legal definition of life prolonging procedures to add: "INCLUDING ARTIFICIALLY PROVIDED SUSTENANCE AND HYDRATION, WHICH SUSTAINS, RESTORES, OR SUPPLANTS A SPONTANEOUS VITAL FUNCTION". It became law on October 1, 1999."

Which was was introduced from the Florida Elder Affairs and Long-Term Care Committee, and on that committee sits Gus Michael Bilirakis, that also happens to be on the Suncoast Hospice Board of Directors - along with George Felos.

Are we beginning to smell something really bad yet?

Because without this change in the law, MS couldn't argue that Terri didn't want to be "kept alive on tubes", because when she was, for lack of a better term, "normal" giving someone sustenance wasn't deemed extra ordinary means to keep someone alive.

Now ask yourself, if this amendment wasn't passed in 1999 would MS have a legal leg to stand on in order to withhold sustenance from Terri?