Monday, March 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo is now on a morphine drip?

Nine days of starvation and dehydration have put Mrs. Schiavo beyond "the point of no return," and [Saturday], she was put on a morphine drip to ease the pain of death.

Now wait a second. The media, MS & his lawyer say this was a "painless" death, why is she now getting morphine?

Here's MS's Lawyer George Felos.


If the Schindlers were to try to feed their daughter orally, she would aspirate food into her lungs and contract a massive infection, Schiavo attorney George Felos said. ``Instead of having a painless, short death,(starvation) she'd have a long, gruesome death.(infection)''

MS on LKL October 27, 2003

KING: When a feeding tube is removed, as it was planned, is that a terrible death?

SCHIAVO: No. It's painless and probably the most natural way to die.

If this is supposed to be such a "painless" way to die why the morphine?