Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Yes, I've been slacking by not posting on my blog.

I had a kick ass time on Saturday.

I went out to the gun range and participated in an "action match" w/ my new Glock. An action match is where we set up different stages, 5 this time, with various cardboard & metal targets and you have a specific instructions for each stage. It was really cool, I went through about 150 rounds. Without one jam I might add. This was my first time doing one of these shoots so I wasn't going for a fast time, I was more concerned w/ safety and hitting my target.

Sunday I went and had lunch w/ a few other JAX FReepers at Panera over in Orange Park. Good food but pricey

Oh, and I found 1984 on DVD. I've been looking for a copy of that for some time.

Watched 24 last night. What a kick ass show, I haven't missed an hour yet this season. But they better not turn it around so some American company is the bad guys. They were doing great w/ the Muslim plot line.

Oh well, I need to get back to work.