Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday.....and some VDH.

So sorry I've been absent the last few days, I've been sick and my laptop at home has decided it wants to act up and reset it self no and then.

A few things.

RE: The Atlanta murders.

I hope the PC crowd is happy at this one. Those 4 deaths could have been prevented if the cuffs had been left on him and there was more than one guard moving him.

I was pretty shocked that he gave up so easily. I guess the anti-death penalty crowd will now say he's a reformed man and should be put to death.

In my opinion if you go on that kind of killing spree there should be no drawn-out trial, no 20 years on death row, no multiple appeals. If, like in this case, there is indisputable & undeniable evidence that the person being tried is guilty of murders like this he should be executed post-haste live on TV.

Here's some good quotes from the past year form VDH.

The Best Victor Davis Hanson Quotes Of 2004

"Beheadings, suicide bombings, mass executions, and improvised explosive devices are not intended to destroy or even defeat the U.S. military. Rather, they are aimed at the taxpaying citizens back home who fuel it."

"Appeasement of (Islamic) fundamentalists is not appreciated as magnanimity, but ridiculed as weakness — and, in fact, encourages further killing."