Thursday, February 10, 2005

What if he said "this is the worst economy since Herbert Hoover"?

Powerline's: 'What Scandal?'

Has it occurred to anyone that this is just a diversion to deflect from the Eason "US Troops Target Journalists" Jordan scandal? I mean come on, if Jeff Gannon had said the dems are saying "this is the worst economy since Herbert Hoover" instead of "soup lines" this would probably be a non-issue.

I've know about Jeff for about a year or so, he's a FReeper and I noticed long ago that he tosses out some quick witted and sharp questions. Plus he looks like 'Mr. Clean' and is easy to pick out in the press core.

The Helen Thomas point is a great one to make and I'd include Les Kinsolving in there too.

I think this all got heated up when the lefty wackos heard Rush making a big deal out of the "soup line" question Jeff asked and when it turned out it was Rush that was describing how 'Dusty' Harry Reid was describing the "the worst economy since Herbert Hoover" the poop was slung into the fan and the lefty bloggers went digging for dirt on Gannon (yes I know that's not his real name but that what I know him as and that's what I'll keep calling him)

As I see it we've got two cases of somewhat similarity here. With two entirely different outcomes.

Jeff Gannon poses a truthful question; (paraphrasing here) "How can the dems in one breath say "this is the worst economy since Herbert Hoover" and in the next breath say "Social Security is rock solid"?

Juxtapose that to Eason Jordan that, as it's being reported but since he will not OK a release of the tape from Davos we made never know, "US Troops are Target Journalists" without out one shred of evidence.

What seems worst to you???

And the fact that he didn't use his real name is a moot point. How many other "reporters" are out there that use pseudonyms?

UPDATE: Brit Hume's Panel just got done talking about this.......Transcript here