Friday, February 04, 2005

VDH writes another homerun piece!!

Victor Davis Hanson: The Global Throng, Why the world’s elites gnash their teeth

Is anyone even listening to leftist elites?

Do we even remember "all that" now? The lunacy that appeared after 9/11
that asked us to look for the "root causes" to explain why America may
have "provoked" spoiled mama's boys like bin Laden and Mohammed Atta to
murder Americans at work? Do we recall the successive litany of "you
cannot win in Afghanistan/you cannot reconstruct such a mess/you cannot
jumpstart democracy there"? And do we have memory still of "Sharon the
war criminal," and "the apartheid wall," and, of course, "Jeningrad,"
the supposed Israeli-engineered Stalingrad — or was it really
Leningrad? Or try to remember Arafat in his Ramallah bunker talking to
international groupies who flew in to hear the old killer's jumbled
mishmash about George Bush, the meanie who had ostracized him.

Then we were told that if we dared invade the ancient caliphate, Saddam
would kill thousands and exile millions more. And when he was captured
in a cesspool, the invective continued during the hard reconstruction
that oil, Halliburton, the Jews, the neocons, Richard Perle, and other
likely suspects had suckered us into a "quagmire" or was it now
"Vietnam redux"? And recall that in response we were supposed to flee,
or was it to trisect Iraq? The elections, remember, would not work — or
were held too soon or too late. And give the old minotaur Senator
Kennedy his due, as he lumbered out on the eve of the Iraqi voting to
hector about its failure and call for withdrawal — one last hurrah that
might yet rescue the cherished myth that the United States had created
another Vietnam and needed his sort of deliverance.

And then there was the parade of heroes who were media upstarts of the hour —
the brilliant Hans Blixes, Joe Wilsons, Anonymouses, and Richard
Clarkes — who came, wrote their books, did their fawning interviews on 60 Minutes, Nightline, and Larry King, and then faded to become footnotes to our collective pessimism.

Do not dare forget our Hollywood elite. At some point since 9/11, Michael
Moore, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, Whoopi Goldberg, and a
host of others have lectured the world that their America is either
misled, stupid, evil, or insane, bereft of the wisdom of Hollywood's
legions of college drop-outs, recovering bad boys, and self-praised

Remember the twisted logic of the global throng as
well: Anyone who quit the CIA was a genius in his renegade
prognostication; anyone who stayed was a toady who botched the war.
Three- and four-star generals who went on television or ran for office
were principled dissidents who "told the truth"; officers in the field
who kept quiet and saved Afghanistan and Iraq were "muzzled"
careerists. Families of the 9/11 victims who publicly trashed George
Bush offered the nation "grassroots" cries of the heart; the far
greater number who supported the war on terror were perhaps "warped" by
their grief.

There were always the untold "minor" embarrassments
that we were to ignore as the slight slips of the "good" people — small
details like the multibillion-dollar Oil-for-Food scandal that came to
light due to the reporting of a single brave maverick, Claudia Rosett,
or Rathergate, disclosed by "pajama"-clad bloggers without journalism
degrees from Columbia, sojourns at the Kennedy School, or internships
with the Washington Post. To put it into Animal Farm speak: elite New York Times, CBS News, and PBS good; populist bloggers, talk-radio, and cable news bad.

In place of Harry Truman and JFK we got John Kerry calling the once-maimed
Prime Minister Allawi a "puppet," Senator Murray praising bin Laden's
social-welfare work, Senator Boxer calling Secretary of State Rice a
veritable liar for agreeing with the various casus belli that Boxer's
own Senate colleagues had themselves passed in October 2002. And for
emotional and financial support, the Democratic insiders turned to
George Soros and Michael Moore, who assured them that their president
was either Hitlerian, a dunce, or a deserter.


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