Saturday, February 05, 2005

I got my new gun today!!

So after I leave work Fri. I was expecting to be able to pick up my new Glock since I paid for it on Tue. and there is a 3 day "cooling off" period and dumb me thought 3 days was 72 hours, but no, the girl at the gun shop said it was 3 full days and you can pick it up on the 4th day. I don't think that's correct but it didn't matter cause I wasn't planning on going to the range until Sat. anyway. She tells me they open at 9am on Sat. and I can pick it up then.

Well, I don't know what fucking time zone she was talking about because when I pull up to their shop at 9:30'ish all the steel shutters were still down. ["Son of a bitch!!"] I thought OK fine I've got my .38 w/ me I'll just go to the range and pop off some rounds with that come back later and get my Glock. I got to the range shop about 10am and the lady there was nice enough to call the gun shop to see if they'd opened at 10........nope, still closed.

So I fired about 30 rounds through my .38 and had to pack up at 10:30 because the range was using the range I was at for a CCW class and I got booted......

Back to the gun shop.........

Now they're open. I never did ask what time they opened, guess I didn't care since they were now...

It took me about a half hour before I walked out with my gun. They were a bit busy and there's only one guy there that does gun purchases. Did I mention it was a pawn/gun shop?.....No, I did not buy a used Glock, mine is bran-spanking new. His prices are just better then the "gun" shops in town.

Back to the gun range......

I'd plan to buy a box there, but guess what. The range store was out of .45acp FMJ and you're not supposed to use reloads in a Glock, that voids the warranty. Nor are use supposed to fire Lead rounds through it, that causes build up in the barrel and it goes BOOM in your hand. Not a good thing.

Luckily I did have a partial box of FMJ rounds from shooting my Ruger P-90 a few weekends back that I'd brought with me, so I knew I was going to be able to shoot my Glock today.

I unload my shit (again) from my truck and set up on the bench, go get a cardboard target and staple my paper target to it. There were three other guys at this range. We were at the 7yd one. There's a 7, a 25/50, and I think a 12yd range for handguns.

The line was HOT so I had time to load my 2 clips before we went COLD and I could go put my target downrange.

I popped the clip out of the gun and started loading that one. I got three rounds in before I remember the other clip had the round depressor slipped on it. There is no fucking way you can load those clips without using that thing. And I could NOT get that 10th round to go in the clip, so I only loaded 9 in each.

OK I get my target set up and I'm FINALLY ready to fire my new gun.

Now I have never fired a Glock before and let me tell ya the trigger pull on that is going to take some getting used to.

My Ruger is a double action but when firing it as a single action, hammer cocked, you can feel that the (sloppy) trigger stops just before you fire. Once you feel the trigger stop on the Ruger you have to pull just a bit more for the hammer to drop. And my .38, when cocked, has NO trigger play. When you pull the trigger firing it in single action, it fires. And when firing either the Ruger or Taurus, the .38, in double action not only can you feel yourself pulling back the hammer but you can see it too.

The Glock is a whole nother ball game. It's internal hammer is cocked each time the slide is racked. So it's ready to fire each time a round is in the chamber.

So I'm set up, sights on the target, squeeze, squeeze, little more squeeze, BANG......the gun recoils back, hits me square in the forehead and knocks me out............... No, it didn't, I was just joking, I know how to handle guns.

I actually hit a (2") bulls eye with my first 2 shots, hit 5 total, and had 5 more within the 6" red zone. I was using a rifle 100yrd sight-in target, I like those alot better than the black ones you're supposed to use for handguns. My other shots were still on the paper but I think I started thinking about pulling the trigger a little to much. Like I said it's going to take some getting use to.

But I've shot better with this gun than either of my other two.

Oh, and after I got it home I put on the clip finger extensions so that may had some effect too.
The Glock 30's clip does stick out enough for your pinky to hit but it's not flush w/ the rest of the handgrip. With the extensions on everything is flush.

Well, I'm off to play some video games and drink some Samuel Adams Boston Ale.......ummmmmm yum.

I've got my (4) Super Bowl squares for tomorrow so I might just win some money on the game. We're only playing $5 a square so If I don't win any quarters I'll only be out $20. But I've got 0/0, 3/4,4/3, and 9/9(yuck) so if they don't score in the 1st quarter I win $50. But I think that's doubtful.

Oxen out.......