Saturday, February 19, 2005

Beating the dead horse named Jeff Gannon.

After I logged on this morning and jumped on to FR I came across this post; 360 Transcripts: Anderson Cooper and "Jeff Gannon" ("I have made mistakes"). Where, to my dismay, it turns out that James Guckert (aka Jeff Gannon) "made mistakes in his past." Now, I do NOT agree with the gay lifestyle. I do not believe there is some "gay gene." If gays want to involve themselves in a dangerous and deviant lifestyle I can't stop them but I also don't have to accept or agree with what they do.

But was it JG's past gay lifestyle that put him under scrutiny? No, it was a question. A true question, a poignant question but he just goofed up and attributed a "soup line" quote to Harry Reid when it was Rush Limbaugh that had said that Harry Reid talks about the economy as if were headed towards soup lines. And trust me that is EXACTLY how the dems describe today's economy.

I watch the Senate at work most days, even keep a monthly thread on it over at FR and trust me the dems have been talking down this BOOMING economy for damn near 5 years. But since Pres. Bush has come out and said Social Security must be reformed the dems have been like the deaf, dumb, and blind monkeys towards Social Security's looming problems and only saying it's rock solid.

SO HOW CAN THEY BE SAYING BOTH? That was the question JG asked.

Was it a soft ball question? To any Republican, yes. To any dem, you would have heard the most elaborate doublespeak since Orwell's '1984'.

Now I ask the left.........Is this a war you are prepared to get into?

Do those on the left want reporters' questions to be screened before hand?

Should only those that openly espouse leftist views be permitted to ask questions to a Republican Pres, and vice versa?

Should White House daily passes only be handed out after you've handed over everything you've written since high school, and list of names of past sexual partners, and a sample of DNA?

But these aren't the questions the left is asking.

They think this is some conspiracy that goes straight to the top of the White House. They think JG had something to do w/ Dan Rather's Fake memos, Valerie Plame's outing, was "placed" into the WH press core, and knew about the bombing of Baghdad 4 hours ahead of time.(I guess they missed Pres. Bush 48 hr. notice to Saddam.)

Why is it you leftists aren't concerned w/ EASON JORDAN'S slander of the US Military, or Ian Williams being paid to write favorably of the UN?

Let's not talk about those things, let's just beat the dead horse of Jeff Gannon until he's a soupy mess of blood and guts and you've ruined his life.