Tuesday, February 01, 2005

$656.63 left my bank account today.....

Yes, my checking account is $656.63 lighter tonight, but on Friday, I pick up my NEW GUN!!!

I bought a Glock 30 (.45cal) this evening. Now just need to send off for my CCW permit and wait for that to clear to carry.

I haven't mentioned this yet but there was a girl at my work that was abducted at gunpoint, a week ago Mon., driven around town, had money stolen from her ATM, and raped before she was let go blocks away from the office.

So I have decided I need to get off my ass and send off for my CCW. I've had the paper work for about 5 months but haven't sent it off.

Not that this is my first handgun. I've posted a pic of my .38 before, and I also own a Ruger P-90 .45cal. But that Bitch is to heavy to carry, plus the Ruger only holds 7 rounds (Fucking AWB) while my new Glock holds 10. And Glocks have a much better reliability rating than Rugers.

Well, I'm sure I'll post a full report on Sat after I take it to the range.......