Friday, February 25, 2005


Aid and comfort?


(February 24, 2005)

A federal judge grants declaratory relief sought by New York Times reporters Judith Miller and Philip Shenon to protect their confidential sources, by refusing to give the Justice Department access to the journalists' telephone records, "without any showing on the part of the government that the sought records are necessary, relevant, material and unavailable from other sources, has the potential to significantly affect the reporting of news based upon information provided by confidential sources." The court concluded that that the "balance requires maintaining the secrecy of the [reporters'] confidential sources."

The government, through a grand jury proceeding, seeks to
investigate, and perhaps to prosecute, an alleged breach of a
government secret, namely, the timing of the seizure of assets and
Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI") searches of the offices of two
Islamic charities in the fall of 2001.

Page 13

On December 3, 2001, consistent with
The Times’ policy of seeking comment from the subjects of its articles,
Miller telephoned HLF (Holy Land Foundation) and spoke with HLF
representatives about the information that had been disclosed to
her by one or more confidential sources. According to Miller, she
sought comment from HLF at this time only "about the government’s
intent to block HLF’s assets," and she did not intend to tip-off HLF
about the impending FBI search of HLF’s offices.
Patrick J.
Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois
("Fitzgerald"), representing the government, has stated that on the
night of December 3, 2001, Miller disclosed to HLF personnel that "government action was imminent"
(Affirmation of Patrick J. Fitzgerald, dated Nov. 19, 2004, and that
the HLF personnel were surprised by the information conveyed by Miller.
According to Miller, "[t]hat government action was taken against [HLF]
did not come as a surprise to even a casual observer."

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Now these guys have a sense of humor....

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Glock 30 - }:o)

Yup, there's my newest gun.

Glock 30 - .45cal ACP

2 - 10 round magazines.

The two rounds you see are, on the left, a hollow point, and on the right, a normal Full metal jacket round.

The only changes I've made so far is to put the pinky extensions on the mags. They don't add to the capacity of the mags. but they make the guns fit the hand much better.

I'll be getting a rubber slip-on grip this week for added grip.

Why can't we see the EASON JORDAN tape?????


I just saw a clip from C-span on what they were they WERE going to be showing on C-span to at 8pm(est) for the next 4 nights from the WORLD ECONOMIC FOURM.

Tonight.....Biological Threats to Societies

Wednesday......Future of Russia

Thur........Keeping the Global Economy Growing

Fri.........Closing Plenary on Global Issues

Guess what I'm NOT seeing on the schedule?

Yes that's right, the one w/ EASON JORDAN.

So they're all these other tapes out there, just not the one everyone, except the left, wants to see!!!

Valerie Plame outing NOT A CRIME...It's stories like these that drive the left MAD!!!


.......former Assistant Deputy Attorney General Victoria Toensing explained that she helped draft the law in question, the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

Says Toensing, "The Novak column and the surrounding facts do not support evidence of criminal conduct."

Don't hold your breath to hear this story on CNN.......

Let me just repeat that again cause I know how thickheaded you libs are......"the surrounding facts do not support evidence of criminal conduct."

The WB destroys the Loony Toons....."Loonatics" is right!

Can't people just leave things well enough alone?

Now I'm from the generation that grew up with Bugs & Daffy, Tom & Jerry, Wile E. Coyote & The Road Runner and I just do not understand cartoons these days.

Cartoons were simple back then.

Elmer Fudd hunts Bugs Bunny [Shhhhhhh, be verry verry quite.......], Bugs gets Elmer to shoot Daffy. Despicable, I know.

Cat cases mouse, mouse runs away from cat. One of my personal favorites, the one where Tom devises and gigantic 'Rube Goldberg' contraption to catch Jerry, Jerry sneaks in at night changes a few numbers and the safe falls on Tom. (D'oh!)

And I've always wanted to see Wile E. Coyote's ACME bill....

So what was the WB thinking?

"Let's turn the loony toons into a cracked out, acid tripping, evil looking bunch. We'll make millions!"

Why did that have to change nice fluffy characters into demonic "superhero action figures"?

I don't even want to think of what they've got in mind for Pepé Le Pew.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Now that's sexy!!

Life, Liberty, Etc.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

What is McCain doing?!?!......

MTP: Transcript for Feb. 20

MR. RUSSERT: Senator McCain, a serious question: Do you think the lady to your right would make a good president?

SEN. CLINTON: Oh, we can't hear you, Tim. We can't hear you.

SEN. McCAIN: Yeah, you're breaking up. I am sure that Senator Clinton would make a good president. I happen to be a Republican and would support, obviously, a Republican nominee, but I have no doubt that Senator Clinton would make a good president.

MR. RUSSERT: Equal time, Senator Clinton. The gentleman to your left?

SEN. CLINTON: Absolutely.

MR. RUSSERT: We may have a fusion ticket right here.

SEN. McCAIN: Thanks for doing that to us. Thanks for doing that to us, Tim.

MR. RUSSERT: A fusion ticket.

Why oh why does McCain say things like this?

Will he be campaigning for Hillary too?

Maybe he's just sucking up now to try and get the VP slot when she runs.

I can hear it from the left now......"See see even McCain, a Republican, says Hillary would be a good President."

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Beating the dead horse named Jeff Gannon.

After I logged on this morning and jumped on to FR I came across this post; 360 Transcripts: Anderson Cooper and "Jeff Gannon" ("I have made mistakes"). Where, to my dismay, it turns out that James Guckert (aka Jeff Gannon) "made mistakes in his past." Now, I do NOT agree with the gay lifestyle. I do not believe there is some "gay gene." If gays want to involve themselves in a dangerous and deviant lifestyle I can't stop them but I also don't have to accept or agree with what they do.

But was it JG's past gay lifestyle that put him under scrutiny? No, it was a question. A true question, a poignant question but he just goofed up and attributed a "soup line" quote to Harry Reid when it was Rush Limbaugh that had said that Harry Reid talks about the economy as if were headed towards soup lines. And trust me that is EXACTLY how the dems describe today's economy.

I watch the Senate at work most days, even keep a monthly thread on it over at FR and trust me the dems have been talking down this BOOMING economy for damn near 5 years. But since Pres. Bush has come out and said Social Security must be reformed the dems have been like the deaf, dumb, and blind monkeys towards Social Security's looming problems and only saying it's rock solid.

SO HOW CAN THEY BE SAYING BOTH? That was the question JG asked.

Was it a soft ball question? To any Republican, yes. To any dem, you would have heard the most elaborate doublespeak since Orwell's '1984'.

Now I ask the left.........Is this a war you are prepared to get into?

Do those on the left want reporters' questions to be screened before hand?

Should only those that openly espouse leftist views be permitted to ask questions to a Republican Pres, and vice versa?

Should White House daily passes only be handed out after you've handed over everything you've written since high school, and list of names of past sexual partners, and a sample of DNA?

But these aren't the questions the left is asking.

They think this is some conspiracy that goes straight to the top of the White House. They think JG had something to do w/ Dan Rather's Fake memos, Valerie Plame's outing, was "placed" into the WH press core, and knew about the bombing of Baghdad 4 hours ahead of time.(I guess they missed Pres. Bush 48 hr. notice to Saddam.)

Why is it you leftists aren't concerned w/ EASON JORDAN'S slander of the US Military, or Ian Williams being paid to write favorably of the UN?

Let's not talk about those things, let's just beat the dead horse of Jeff Gannon until he's a soupy mess of blood and guts and you've ruined his life.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Schumer can't own up to "up or down" vote quote on PBS

ON PBS'S NEWS HOUR (2-15-05)........


SEN. JEFF SESSIONS: I need to respond to that. First of all, judges came up under President Clinton that I objected to, but when a cloture motion was filed, every single time I voted for cloture to give them an up and down vote because I never believed they should be filibustered.

Sen. Schumer, on the other hand, when President Clinton was there said it made a mockery of the Constitution not to allow judges to have an up or down vote.

SEN. CHARLES SCHUMER: I didn't say that.

SEN. JEFF SESSIONS: Yes, you did, I've got the quote.



Oh really Chucky?

NOMINATIONS OF RICHARD A. PAEZ AND MARSHA L. BERZON--Continued -- (Senate - March 07, 2000)

Mr. SCHUMER.: I also plead with my colleagues to move judges with alacrity--vote them up or down. But this delay makes a mockery of the Constitution , makes a mockery of the fact that we are here working, and makes a mockery of the lives of very sincere people who have put themselves forward to be judges and then they hang out there in limbo.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Journalists Exposed on the U.N. Payroll; George Soros, Ted Turner Pay for Journalism Prizes (AIM)

OH MY!!!

I'm sure the MSM will get to the bottom of this!! [Yeah right!]

Journalists Exposed on the U.N. Payroll; George Soros, Ted Turner Pay for Journalism Prizes
By Cliff Kincaid

"Journalists" on UN Payroll - Unbiased Reporting Impossible

Friday, February 11, 2005


Well, there's nothing like putting out a HUGE news story at Friday around 6pm to be sure it get buried and forgotten about by Monday. Case in point today, EASON JORDAN RESIGNS FROM CNN.

Jordan's statement...""After 23 years at CNN, I have decided to resign in an effort to prevent CNN from being unfairly tarnished by the controversy over conflicting accounts of my recent remarks regarding the alarming number of journalists killed in Iraq,"

"conflicting accounts"......... WTF is he talking about?? SHOW US THE DAMN TAPE EASON!!!!

This has nothing to do with "conflicting accounts", it's about a TOP CNN newsman saying "US Troops were targeting Journalists" and not only getting CAUGHT saying it but having to own up to it due to the bolgasphere<>!!!

I really hope the tape does come out and doesn't get tossed down the ole Memory Hole in CNN's editing room.

I wonder what the left is doing right now?

After their elation over Jeff Gannon quitting because he dared to ASK REAL QUESTIONS I'm sure the left is sulking right now wondering how they can blame what Eason said on the VRWC!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Jeff Gannon on Wolf Blitzer.....

Linked here......

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

What if he said "this is the worst economy since Herbert Hoover"?

Powerline's: 'What Scandal?'

Has it occurred to anyone that this is just a diversion to deflect from the Eason "US Troops Target Journalists" Jordan scandal? I mean come on, if Jeff Gannon had said the dems are saying "this is the worst economy since Herbert Hoover" instead of "soup lines" this would probably be a non-issue.

I've know about Jeff for about a year or so, he's a FReeper and I noticed long ago that he tosses out some quick witted and sharp questions. Plus he looks like 'Mr. Clean' and is easy to pick out in the press core.

The Helen Thomas point is a great one to make and I'd include Les Kinsolving in there too.

I think this all got heated up when the lefty wackos heard Rush making a big deal out of the "soup line" question Jeff asked and when it turned out it was Rush that was describing how 'Dusty' Harry Reid was describing the "the worst economy since Herbert Hoover" the poop was slung into the fan and the lefty bloggers went digging for dirt on Gannon (yes I know that's not his real name but that what I know him as and that's what I'll keep calling him)

As I see it we've got two cases of somewhat similarity here. With two entirely different outcomes.

Jeff Gannon poses a truthful question; (paraphrasing here) "How can the dems in one breath say "this is the worst economy since Herbert Hoover" and in the next breath say "Social Security is rock solid"?

Juxtapose that to Eason Jordan that, as it's being reported but since he will not OK a release of the tape from Davos we made never know, "US Troops are Target Journalists" without out one shred of evidence.

What seems worst to you???

And the fact that he didn't use his real name is a moot point. How many other "reporters" are out there that use pseudonyms?

UPDATE: Brit Hume's Panel just got done talking about this.......Transcript here

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

WE'RE GOING TO DO WHAT!?! Give money to Terrorists!!!

The NYT is reporting that on SoS Rice's agenda while over in Europe is:

"a plan to enlist Europeans to help persuade Arab countries to increase aid to the Palestinian Authority, for possible use in giving $100 monthly stipends to poor Palestinians and for retirement benefits for perhaps 1,000 members of Palestinian militia groups.

Seattle Times on sunday said: " National Security Council officials suggest a plan to use the untapped $400 million to provide $100-a-month stipends to impoverished Palestinians, in part to combat the appeal of Hamas, which has an effective social-service system. The money would also be used to create a retirement fund for militia members."

World Tribune is saying: "U.S. officials said the administration has offered to pay Palestinian insurgents who agree to surrender their weapons. They said the offer was part of a $350 million assistance package to the Palestinian Authority.

The offer was scheduled to be discussed by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during her visit to Ramallah on Monday. Officials said that under the proposal, the United States would guarantee $100 per month to any insurgent who surrenders his weapon and renounces violence.

WHAT THE F%*#!!!

I thought we didn't "negotiate with terrorists"???

This has got to be one of the dumbest ideas I've heard in a while. Giving money to killers with the belief that they'll stop. Oh Yeah, that'll work, NOT!

Not only will this not work, it's most likely going to backfire on us, and Israel, by pumping money into Terror groups who have a really bad habit of calling for a cease-fire only to come back after they've had enough time to rearm and get a few homicide bomber vest ready!

And wait until the left gets a hold of this, I can only imagine what their reaction is going to be.


Sorry I haven't been blogging that last few days, this darn work thing is getting in the way.

Not much new going on.

Super Bowl was cool, I won $50 on the 1st Q. [Well $30 since I paid $20 for the 4 squares.]

I'm hoping to get my new scope mount for my air pistol today, I'm sick of shooting w/ iron sights.

I got my address changed on my license yesterday. Only took me about 20mins. Pretty damn fast compared to the rest of the folks that were there, the ones that DIDN'T make an appointment beforehand. It can take hours if you don't make an appointment.

Now I'm just waiting for my CCW forms to come in the mail so I can send off for my permit.

Well, back to work.........

Saturday, February 05, 2005

I got my new gun today!!

So after I leave work Fri. I was expecting to be able to pick up my new Glock since I paid for it on Tue. and there is a 3 day "cooling off" period and dumb me thought 3 days was 72 hours, but no, the girl at the gun shop said it was 3 full days and you can pick it up on the 4th day. I don't think that's correct but it didn't matter cause I wasn't planning on going to the range until Sat. anyway. She tells me they open at 9am on Sat. and I can pick it up then.

Well, I don't know what fucking time zone she was talking about because when I pull up to their shop at 9:30'ish all the steel shutters were still down. ["Son of a bitch!!"] I thought OK fine I've got my .38 w/ me I'll just go to the range and pop off some rounds with that come back later and get my Glock. I got to the range shop about 10am and the lady there was nice enough to call the gun shop to see if they'd opened at 10........nope, still closed.

So I fired about 30 rounds through my .38 and had to pack up at 10:30 because the range was using the range I was at for a CCW class and I got booted......

Back to the gun shop.........

Now they're open. I never did ask what time they opened, guess I didn't care since they were now...

It took me about a half hour before I walked out with my gun. They were a bit busy and there's only one guy there that does gun purchases. Did I mention it was a pawn/gun shop?.....No, I did not buy a used Glock, mine is bran-spanking new. His prices are just better then the "gun" shops in town.

Back to the gun range......

I'd plan to buy a box there, but guess what. The range store was out of .45acp FMJ and you're not supposed to use reloads in a Glock, that voids the warranty. Nor are use supposed to fire Lead rounds through it, that causes build up in the barrel and it goes BOOM in your hand. Not a good thing.

Luckily I did have a partial box of FMJ rounds from shooting my Ruger P-90 a few weekends back that I'd brought with me, so I knew I was going to be able to shoot my Glock today.

I unload my shit (again) from my truck and set up on the bench, go get a cardboard target and staple my paper target to it. There were three other guys at this range. We were at the 7yd one. There's a 7, a 25/50, and I think a 12yd range for handguns.

The line was HOT so I had time to load my 2 clips before we went COLD and I could go put my target downrange.

I popped the clip out of the gun and started loading that one. I got three rounds in before I remember the other clip had the round depressor slipped on it. There is no fucking way you can load those clips without using that thing. And I could NOT get that 10th round to go in the clip, so I only loaded 9 in each.

OK I get my target set up and I'm FINALLY ready to fire my new gun.

Now I have never fired a Glock before and let me tell ya the trigger pull on that is going to take some getting used to.

My Ruger is a double action but when firing it as a single action, hammer cocked, you can feel that the (sloppy) trigger stops just before you fire. Once you feel the trigger stop on the Ruger you have to pull just a bit more for the hammer to drop. And my .38, when cocked, has NO trigger play. When you pull the trigger firing it in single action, it fires. And when firing either the Ruger or Taurus, the .38, in double action not only can you feel yourself pulling back the hammer but you can see it too.

The Glock is a whole nother ball game. It's internal hammer is cocked each time the slide is racked. So it's ready to fire each time a round is in the chamber.

So I'm set up, sights on the target, squeeze, squeeze, little more squeeze, BANG......the gun recoils back, hits me square in the forehead and knocks me out............... No, it didn't, I was just joking, I know how to handle guns.

I actually hit a (2") bulls eye with my first 2 shots, hit 5 total, and had 5 more within the 6" red zone. I was using a rifle 100yrd sight-in target, I like those alot better than the black ones you're supposed to use for handguns. My other shots were still on the paper but I think I started thinking about pulling the trigger a little to much. Like I said it's going to take some getting use to.

But I've shot better with this gun than either of my other two.

Oh, and after I got it home I put on the clip finger extensions so that may had some effect too.
The Glock 30's clip does stick out enough for your pinky to hit but it's not flush w/ the rest of the handgrip. With the extensions on everything is flush.

Well, I'm off to play some video games and drink some Samuel Adams Boston Ale.......ummmmmm yum.

I've got my (4) Super Bowl squares for tomorrow so I might just win some money on the game. We're only playing $5 a square so If I don't win any quarters I'll only be out $20. But I've got 0/0, 3/4,4/3, and 9/9(yuck) so if they don't score in the 1st quarter I win $50. But I think that's doubtful.

Oxen out.......

Friday, February 04, 2005

VDH writes another homerun piece!!

Victor Davis Hanson: The Global Throng, Why the world’s elites gnash their teeth

Is anyone even listening to leftist elites?

Do we even remember "all that" now? The lunacy that appeared after 9/11
that asked us to look for the "root causes" to explain why America may
have "provoked" spoiled mama's boys like bin Laden and Mohammed Atta to
murder Americans at work? Do we recall the successive litany of "you
cannot win in Afghanistan/you cannot reconstruct such a mess/you cannot
jumpstart democracy there"? And do we have memory still of "Sharon the
war criminal," and "the apartheid wall," and, of course, "Jeningrad,"
the supposed Israeli-engineered Stalingrad — or was it really
Leningrad? Or try to remember Arafat in his Ramallah bunker talking to
international groupies who flew in to hear the old killer's jumbled
mishmash about George Bush, the meanie who had ostracized him.

Then we were told that if we dared invade the ancient caliphate, Saddam
would kill thousands and exile millions more. And when he was captured
in a cesspool, the invective continued during the hard reconstruction
that oil, Halliburton, the Jews, the neocons, Richard Perle, and other
likely suspects had suckered us into a "quagmire" or was it now
"Vietnam redux"? And recall that in response we were supposed to flee,
or was it to trisect Iraq? The elections, remember, would not work — or
were held too soon or too late. And give the old minotaur Senator
Kennedy his due, as he lumbered out on the eve of the Iraqi voting to
hector about its failure and call for withdrawal — one last hurrah that
might yet rescue the cherished myth that the United States had created
another Vietnam and needed his sort of deliverance.

And then there was the parade of heroes who were media upstarts of the hour —
the brilliant Hans Blixes, Joe Wilsons, Anonymouses, and Richard
Clarkes — who came, wrote their books, did their fawning interviews on 60 Minutes, Nightline, and Larry King, and then faded to become footnotes to our collective pessimism.

Do not dare forget our Hollywood elite. At some point since 9/11, Michael
Moore, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, Whoopi Goldberg, and a
host of others have lectured the world that their America is either
misled, stupid, evil, or insane, bereft of the wisdom of Hollywood's
legions of college drop-outs, recovering bad boys, and self-praised

Remember the twisted logic of the global throng as
well: Anyone who quit the CIA was a genius in his renegade
prognostication; anyone who stayed was a toady who botched the war.
Three- and four-star generals who went on television or ran for office
were principled dissidents who "told the truth"; officers in the field
who kept quiet and saved Afghanistan and Iraq were "muzzled"
careerists. Families of the 9/11 victims who publicly trashed George
Bush offered the nation "grassroots" cries of the heart; the far
greater number who supported the war on terror were perhaps "warped" by
their grief.

There were always the untold "minor" embarrassments
that we were to ignore as the slight slips of the "good" people — small
details like the multibillion-dollar Oil-for-Food scandal that came to
light due to the reporting of a single brave maverick, Claudia Rosett,
or Rathergate, disclosed by "pajama"-clad bloggers without journalism
degrees from Columbia, sojourns at the Kennedy School, or internships
with the Washington Post. To put it into Animal Farm speak: elite New York Times, CBS News, and PBS good; populist bloggers, talk-radio, and cable news bad.

In place of Harry Truman and JFK we got John Kerry calling the once-maimed
Prime Minister Allawi a "puppet," Senator Murray praising bin Laden's
social-welfare work, Senator Boxer calling Secretary of State Rice a
veritable liar for agreeing with the various casus belli that Boxer's
own Senate colleagues had themselves passed in October 2002. And for
emotional and financial support, the Democratic insiders turned to
George Soros and Michael Moore, who assured them that their president
was either Hitlerian, a dunce, or a deserter.


This is only about 1/3 of the piece, smash the link for the rest.

Once again Dems can't look truth in the eye....

The dems are hell bent on not letting Pres. Bush reform Social Security and claim it is FDR's sacred cow that must not be touched. But look what FDR himself said about SS.


In the important field of security for our old people, it seems necessary to adopt three principles: First, noncontributory old-age pensions for those who are now too old to build up their own insurance. It is, of course, clear that for perhaps 30 years to come funds will have to be provided by the States and the Federal Government to meet these pensions. Second, compulsory contributory annuities which in time will establish a self-supporting system for those now young and for future generations. Third, voluntary contributory annuities by which individual initiative can increase the annual amounts received in old age. It is proposed that the Federal Government assume one-half of the cost of the old-age pension plan, which ought ultimately to be supplanted by self-supporting annuity plans.

Oh, and check out this post for some choice quotes from dems in the recent past saying they APPROVE private accounts. Of course this was BEFORE Pres. bush was elected.

1998 & 99 OK to put money in private to solve Soc Sec crisis

But of course the dems ARE NOT playing politics with SS.....

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

$656.63 left my bank account today.....

Yes, my checking account is $656.63 lighter tonight, but on Friday, I pick up my NEW GUN!!!

I bought a Glock 30 (.45cal) this evening. Now just need to send off for my CCW permit and wait for that to clear to carry.

I haven't mentioned this yet but there was a girl at my work that was abducted at gunpoint, a week ago Mon., driven around town, had money stolen from her ATM, and raped before she was let go blocks away from the office.

So I have decided I need to get off my ass and send off for my CCW. I've had the paper work for about 5 months but haven't sent it off.

Not that this is my first handgun. I've posted a pic of my .38 before, and I also own a Ruger P-90 .45cal. But that Bitch is to heavy to carry, plus the Ruger only holds 7 rounds (Fucking AWB) while my new Glock holds 10. And Glocks have a much better reliability rating than Rugers.

Well, I'm sure I'll post a full report on Sat after I take it to the range.......

Now THIS is PATHETIC!!! ~~ Terrorists holding TOY hostage