Thursday, January 13, 2005

VDH Nails it again!!

Islamicists hate us for who we are, not what we do

As the third recent Middle
East election nears in Iraq, Americans are still puzzled over why
well-off Islamic fundamentalists crashed planes into skyscrapers and
now send mercenaries to the Sunni Triangle to slaughter us as we
sponsor democracy. Yet since Sept. 11, we have grasped that Muslim
fascists understood that the course of American-led world history
  —   democracy and globalized capitalism   —   was
leaving them behind. Thus they strike the United States before they are
made irrelevant.

America symbolized the onset of a hated modernism and its breakdown of
religious, gender and ethnic hierarchies that were so treasured by
Islamicist patriarchs. As this war wore on, we also fathomed the
pathological partnerships of tyrannies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran,
Saudi Arabia and Syria with al-Qaida and other terrorist cadres. Both
groups scapegoated the superpower United States for their own failures.
In addition, killers in bin Laden's mafia and other terrorist planners
from Iran to the West Bank turned out not to be the impoverished, but
more often the pampered of the middle class   —   like the
Saudi suicide zealot who just blew up Americans in Mosul.

Yet in the gloom over postwar Iraq, ex-CIA agents and moody public
intellectuals have recently doubted this "They hate us for who we are"
explanation. Instead, they have reintroduced the notion of "They hate
us for what we do"   —   as if there are legitimate
grievances that logically earn such violent attacks organized by
petro-heirs, doctors and crackpot mullahs. Even a toned-down bin Laden
is quoted as witness. He recently joked that al-Qaida is going after
America, not liberal Sweden: had we just shrunk to the stature of the
politically correct Scandinavians, then our problems would vanish.

But would they?

Not at all. First,.........

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