Thursday, January 13, 2005

Tom's Irrelevant Musings: Logic Systems [Facts don't matter?]

Tom's Irrelevant Musings: Logic Systems

"Why is it, in some peoples mind, the fact that the [CBS] documents were forged somehow changes the premise of the conclusion? One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other, but it does in non-logical minds."

You've got to be joking.

So you're saying "It doesn't matter what the facts of the matter are, it's the seriousness of the charge that matters"?

That's like saying "Your honor we know this man is guilty and we've made up the evidence to prove that he's guility."

Now I don't really want to get into the cBS side of this, the bias was completely transparent.

Mapes was hell bent on proving a false story that she worked on it for over 5 years and when these magic docs. came up she didn't care where they were from or the fact that they were forgeries. And I guess neither did Rather since he flew to TX in do an interview with that old secretary.

And how do I know there was bias?

Did you hear this reported at cBS or any other main stream media?

From the cBS report p130

"The clear inference from this excerpt is that President Bush was in the TexANG to avoid service in Vietnam. Bush did state in his 1968 TexANG application that he did not volunteer to go overseas. However, Mapes had information prior to the airing of the September 8 Segment that President Bush, while in the TexANG, did volunteer for service in Vietnam but was turned down in favor of more experienced pilots.72

72 In the late 1960s, the U.S. government had the so-called Palace Alert program, by which Air National Guard pilots could volunteer for 90-day tours of active duty in Vietnam and other locations."

And no I didn't learn of this from cBS, I've know about for months.

I'll even direct you to a 1999 interview w/ the WashingtonPost. where Pres. Bush mentions it.

Anyway back to or statement that facts don't matter.

See this is a problem with Democratic/liberal thinking when presented with facts you don't take them into account but you will take conjecture, hypothesis, and theory and tout it around like it's chiseled in stone.

If I'm presented with concrete facts that I can't disprove I will take that in to account when formulating my opinion.

Oh, By the way. Did you know is was law of the land to support the removal of Saddam from power?

It should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime.

Passed & signed in 1998.