Friday, January 14, 2005

Israel freezes all contacts with Palestinians


An Israeli official close to Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon says Israel has suspended all contacts with the
Palestinians. The move comes in response to Thursday's suicide attack
at an Israeli border post which killed six Israelis and the three
Palestinian attackers. All border crossings into the Gaza Strip had
been closed already.

The newly-elected Palestinialeader, Mahmoud
Abbas, has condemned the attack. He said such attacks did not help the
peace process, but he also denounced the ongoing Israeli raids. He
repeated his appeal to Palestinians to end their armed struggle against

Responsibility for the attack, the first since the
Palestinian elections last Sunday, has been claimed by three
Palestinian groups, including Hamas and the al-Aqsa Martyrs

Well this is good to hear. Abu Mazen hasn't lifted finger one to put a stop to the terrorists killing Israelis. All he's done is "condemned the attack", and I'm sure he use very strong words I bet he even sounded stern when he talked. But his words mean nothing.

Just looks like the same old shit with a different leader.