Sunday, January 30, 2005

Giving the Blue Finger of Freedom to the terrorists.

It's election day in Iraq, brought to the Iraqis by the US liberation of Iraq. I wonder if there any democrats that still think this was the "wrong war in the wrong place at wrong time," or that the war in Iraq was an "optional" war?

Are there dems that actually think the Iraqis could have came to this day without US intervention?

This is a very sad day for the left. How many times leading up to this day were dems saying "Iraqis can't vote," "there will be so much violence Iraqis will cower in fear in their homes," "it will be a blood bath, the terrorist will disrupt the elections," "there won't be a big enough of a turnout for these elections to be legitimate"....and all of the other doubting.

Well, just take a look at what is happening, reports of a 70% or more turnout, Iraqis waving their ink stained blue finger around as a message to the terrorists that they will not be silent anymore. I've heard reports of elderly Iraqis that were unable to make it to the polls were carried for MILES by other Iraqis so they could take part in today's elections.

Inside the polling places Iraqis are seeing Iraqis guarding the polls.


I'm trying to think what the dems will come out with tomorrow to downplay and dismiss this historic day.

I'm sure I'll find some choice quotes in the Senate tomorrow...........