Thursday, January 20, 2005

CAIR running to defend muslim that threatens to "blow up" a Best Buy.

CAIR (funded by the Saudis) is a cancer in this country eating away at us from the inside.....

This is a new article by Daniel Pipes pointing out how CAIR loves to run to the defense of muslims that openly threaten, in this case, to "come back and blow up this place [Best Buy] if I do not get my money this time." And in case you weren't aware it is a crime to make a blatant threat like that to a business.
But CAIR doesn't see it that way. They (CAIR) say it was due to "language barriers and overreactions by store employees and law enforcement officials."
[Rolling eyes] Oh please if you believe that I got a nice new bridge to sell you.

Here's Pipes's full story.

Radical Islam's Hypocrisy [:The Ehrgott & Okashah Cases]