Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UN gun ban summit

Day one of the UN gun ban summit

They’ve gathered in New York City, the best and brightest minds in the global gun ban movement. Oh, they don’t want you to think for a second that they’re actually interested in your guns. Kofi Annan as much as said so yesterday, when he told the attendees of the Small Arms Review Conference, “This Review Conference is not negotiating a ‘global gun ban’, nor do we wish to deny law-abiding citizens their right to bear arms in accordance with their national laws.” Got it, gun owners? There’s nothing to fear from the UN when it comes to your guns.

It’s too bad for Kofi that many of the countries attending the summit didn’t get his memo. Yesterday’s speeches were full of calls for expanding the current agenda to include the civilian possession of firearms. Hans Winkler, speaking on behalf of the European Union, called the current Program of Action “the key starting point for further action on small arms”. The ambassador from Australia, Robert Hill, spoke glowingly of his country’s gun laws that “require the registration and licensing of all firearms owners, prohibit a range of automatic and semi-automatic long arms and handguns, and mandate minimum firearms safety training and storage requirements.”

The statement from Indonesia’s representative was perhaps the clearest example of what these countries are aiming for.

“We believe that no armed group outside of the State should be allowed to bear weapons. We also believe that regulating civilian possession of Small Arms/Light Weapons will enhance our efforts to prevent its misuse. In our view, the issue of ammunition should also be addressed in the context of the Program of Action because in the absence of ammunition, small arms and light weapons pose no danger.”


Friday, June 23, 2006

Norm Mineta resigning..

Just announced by Tony Snow in the White House Presser.

It's about time Mineta gets out.

Though I would have like to see him booted about 5 years ago.

Kim goes for a train ride......To Russia

Kim Jong-il's Special Train Heads for Russian Border

Intelligence officials were on high alert Thursday after receiving information that the special armored train of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is heading toward the Russian border. As of Friday night, it did not seem that the train has crossed the border to take the reclusive leader on a Russia visit.

Experts offer two possible explanations. One is that Kim is visiting Russia. One of the special train’s cars has already crossed the border while the wheels on others are being replaced, some sources said. North Korea and Russia have different railway gauges. If a leading car is already in Russia, Kim may well be paying a visit to the country.

But other South Korean officials say the train is merely near the Russian border but the future will tell if it crosses. “We don’t have information to support speculation that Kim Jong-il is to visit Russia,” a high ranking government official said. Russia, too, denies Kim is coming.

Alternatively, Kim may be on a trip to inspect border areas in Hamgyong Province. North Korea’s state-run Korean Central Broadcasting Station said Friday morning Kim is inspecting the 715 unit of the Korean People's Army. It specified no date.

Government officials for a moment thought Kim was heading for the launch pad of what the U.S. says is a long-range ballistic missile, which is located in the northeastern province. A government official said nothing can be ruled out and Seoul is working with Russia and analyzing a variety of intelligence information.

Kim took a five-day trip to Far Eastern Russia in late August in 2002 and visited Moscow and other Russian cities aboard his train over 24 days in July and August in 2001. Experts say if Kim does visit Russia, it may be to seek ways of breaking the impasse over its missile program.

Why would he leave his country just before there's a missile test?

Is he expecting missiles coming back his way cause of what is going to be "tested?"

Thursday, June 22, 2006

We have an idiot for a State's attorney in JAX

By DANA TREEN, The Times-Union

Shorstein sides with man shot in store


He says he didn't think he could get a conviction against the shop owner who fired, thinking he was about to be robbed.

State Attorney Harry Shorstein is publicly siding with an unarmed man gunned down in a Jacksonville store last month, saying he believes his story over the owner who said he fired because he was about to be robbed.

Shorstein commented on the case just a week after deciding not to charge Murray Hill electronics store owner Doug Freeman, who shot Vincent Hudson five times May 31.

Shorstein said Tuesday he did not charge Freeman because he did not think he could get a conviction.

He said he told Hudson the same thing.

"'I believe you,'" Shorstein recalled telling Hudson. "'I don't believe him.'"

Freeman defended his actions Tuesday and said he had done nothing wrong.

"He [Shorstein] can believe all he wants," Freeman said.

Hudson told Jacksonville police he had gone into the Edgewood Avenue South store to ask for money and food and to recharge his cell phone after getting out of jail days earlier. Freeman said he had been watching Hudson and thought Hudson was going for a gun after asking for money. Freeman opened fire with a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun.

Hudson, who has been arrested 36 times in Jacksonville since 1997, would not have the credibility Freeman and others would have at a trial, Shorstein said.

"What we'd have is four people saying something is not criminal," Shorstein said he told Hudson. "'You are saying something that [happened] is criminal.'"

It took Shorstein two weeks to make the decision not to charge Freeman. A 2005 state law says a person can stand his ground and meet force to prevent death, great bodily harm or a forcible felony.

Hudson, who is still in the hospital recovering from the shooting, said Tuesday he respects Shorstein's decision.

"Some things we've got to live with," he said.

Hudson said he believes Freeman was trying to kill him.

"He shot me more than one time, that's what I don't understand," Hudson said. "You shoot a person five times, what are you trying to do?"

He said he was in the store for a while and talked to people inside.

"What person is going to come and tell you, 'I just got out of jail and I'm going to rob you?'"

Hudson said no one in the store asked him to leave.

When Shorstein decided not to charge Freeman, he cited the witness accounts, a bulge in Hudson's waistband, and that Hudson repeatedly asked for money.

Freeman said he believed he was in danger, called police and had already sent employees and family members to a back office.

"There was a 7-year-old child here, there was a building full of women," he said. "I would do the same thing given the same set of circumstances."

Freeman said he had been wary of Hudson who he saw looking in from outside the store. After sending the others to the back, he thought he saw Hudson reach for a gun.

"He raised every red flag he could," Freeman said.

Freeman, who told the Times-Union he shot and killed a man in self-defense 15 years ago, said he is pleased Shorstein decided not to file charges.


"What we'd have is four people saying something is not criminal," Shorstein said he told Hudson. "'You are saying something that [happened] is criminal.'"

Let me see if I can say this better.

What we've got is four people, who were witnesses, feared for their lives and will attest to thinking the store was about to be robbed, and you, the 36 time convicted criminal, are saying that you were shot for no reason. I, as the State’s Attorney, will side with you Mr. criminal!

Man if I ever have to protect my life or the life of another I sure as hell hope there's a bunch of witnesses that back up my story. Cause if there's not it looks like the criminal’s word will be what the SA will believe.

Welcome to bizzaro world.........

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ray Nagin, The Blatant Racist.

By Mary Ann Fergus
Tribune staff reporter
Published June 14, 2006

New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin visited Chicago on Tuesday as part of a national tour in which he's calling on "partners" to help re-build his hurricane-ravaged city, a project he estimated could take 7 to 10 years.

"There will be an economic boom like we haven't seen in this country," said Nagin, who was recently re-elected. "This will be the biggest work site in the world."

During a speech at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's national conference in Rosemont, Nagin criticized the federal government's response to Hurricane Katrina and his state's handling of recent municipal elections.

"It exposed the soft underbelly of the United States," Nagin said of Katrina. "It exposed poverty, it exposed racism and it exposed a government that was overwhelmed and was not capable--and is still not capable--of dealing with a disaster of that magnitude."

The hurricane, Nagin said, was an "unimaginable event," one he implied may have been designated by God.

Before Katrina, Nagin said, New Orleans was a city of "haves and have nots," with one of the highest rates of poverty, one of the worst public school systems in the nation and a high percentage of young males involved in crime.

"Then, you know, God looked down on that and said, `You know, I need to change that'," Nagin said. "And then Katrina happened. And in the midst of all that devastation, God is now allowing us to have an opportunity to reset the table, and that was what the election was all about."

Nagin and Rev. Jesse Jackson, president of PUSH, criticized Louisiana's leaders for not allowing displaced New Orleans residents, now living in 44 states, to vote by satellite in the primary and the April run-off election.

"They said basically, the people in the Diaspora really didn't matter," Nagin said. "We don't care if they vote or not because we know there are billions and billions of dollars that are going to come down."

Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco testified in support of a bill for satellite voting throughout the state when it was in danger of not passing, said Roderick Hawkins, her spokesman. That bill passed, but a proposal for satellite voting outside the state did not pass the legislative process, he said.

A federal judge determined three times that it was illegal, said a spokeswoman for the Louisiana secretary of state. An 800-number was posted throughout nine states to help displaced voters from New Orleans get absentee ballots, spokeswoman Jennifer Marusak said.

Nagin won re-election in April with 52 percent of the vote in a race against Louisiana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu. Nearly 25,000 people voted by absentee ballot or at satellite polling places across the state.

Nagin's inauguration ceremony this month drew Jackson and other national figures. He said his victory signaled support that he would ensure a city of economic equity.

More than $10 billion in insurance resettlement funds, an equal amount in federal dollars earmarked for homeownership and rental units, and several more billion in investment dollars will flow into the region, Nagin said.

Trying to make light of his controversial call earlier this year for a "chocolate city," Nagin said he's encouraging "all folks" to help rebuild New Orleans.

"My white-chocolate friends, come on down," Nagin said. "My medium-chocolate friends, come on down. And my dark-chocolate friends, definitely come on down."

This man is insane. Doesn't he know that Pres. Bush & Karl Rove were the ones that made hurricane Katrina hit NOLA?

And How the fuck does this man get away with being so obviously racist?

If a white Mayor had used the word "chocolate" in any way to describe the type of people he wanted to work with he'd be sued before he stepped away from the microphone.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Children's Defense Fund gun report

NEW YORK, June 13 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The Children's Defense Fund (CDF) releases its report on gun violence against children, "Protect Children, Not Guns," at a time when major U.S. cities are calling for strategies to combat illegal firearms. Citing the most recent data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the report reveals that 2,827 children and teens died as a result of gun violence in 2003 -- more than the number of American fighting men and women killed in hostile action in Iraq from 2003 to April 2006.

What a bunch of fucktards.

While 2,827 kids being killed by a gun is a bad thing it has NO CORRELATION with the number of service men/women killed in the WOT.

I guess they have to use that catch line cause using the head line "2,827 kids killed by gun in 2003, LOWEST NUMBER SINCE THE STUDY BEGAN" doesn't fit their anti-gun agenda.

Link to report.



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Welcome back to LIBERTY CITY.

I stopped by the video game store last weekend cause they had a buy 2 used games a get one free. I didn't end up buying any used games but I did pick up a new game that I didn't even know was going to be released on the PS2.

"Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories"

Only $20, can't pass that up.

Liberty City was the city used in GTA3 back in 2001 and they've done a few tweaks to the maps but it's the same streets and places. Playing it is almost like visiting your old home town after being away for years.

Lucky Rockstar took out all that bullshit eating and exercising crap they put into GTA:SA. I don't want to eat and exercise in a video game!

The graphics aren't the greatest but I expect it's because this game was made for then PSP and reformatted for the PS2, still for $20, I ain't complaining.

Democrats Announce: "Free speech for all! [Except Ann Coulter]"

Ann Coulter Banned in New Jersey?

Two New Jersey Democrats are pushing to have Ann Coulter's new book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," banned from all bookstores in their state because she criticized four 9/11 widows known as "the Jersey Girls."

In a joint press release issued Friday, New Jersey Assemblywomen Joan Quigley and Linda Stender say they want New Jersey retailers to "ban the sale of [Coulter's] book throughout the state."

"Ann Coulter's criticism of 9/11 widows, whose only desire since the attacks have been to repair their shattered lives and protect other families from the horrors they have experienced, is motivated purely by petty greed and hate," the two Democrats complained.

"Coulter's vicious characterizations and remarks are motivated by greed and her desire to sell books . . . She is a leech trying to turn a profit off perverting the suffering of others."

Quigley and Stender conclude:

"No one in New Jersey should buy this book and allow Ann Coulter to profit from her hate-mongering. We are asking New Jersey retailers statewide to stand with us and express their outrage by refusing to carry or sell copies of Coulter's book. Her hate-filled attacks on our 9/11 widows has no place on New Jersey bookshelves."

"is a leech trying to turn a profit off perverting the suffering of others."

**cough**Michael Moore**cough**